Mustang GT500 Eleanor

Shelby GT500 Mustang

A car that exists in the land of the superlative, universally revered and often

the beginning and end of discussions regarding “the meanest mustang ever.”

Fans of the Touchstone Pictures 2000 remake of the 1974 cult movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” will recognize this as the original Eleanor, the modified 1967 Ford Mustang piloted by retired master car thief Memphis Raines, played by Nicholas Cage.

Several cars were built to handle various duties during the filming of Gone, But the Hero car depicted here driven by Nicholas Cage during filming and used in movie close ups, posters and promotional materials, in the process launching a whole new trend in Resto Modding. Built by Cinema Vehicle Services (CVS), the design of the car is a work of art, literally.

Well known hot rod designer Steve Stanford sketched out the original concept drawing for the car before the vehicle was brought to life by CVS. The builders were able to mock up Eleanor’s body pieces on a Mustang using clay and wood. Molds were then made to produce a new fiberglass front end filled with high powered PIAA driving lights, new fender flares, side skirts and scoops, hood and trunk lid.

The front suspension was replaced with a lowered and reinforced coilover spring arrangement with power rack and pinion steering: 4-wheel disc brakes were installed and Goodyear F1 tires mounted on Schmidt 8x17 inch Cobra -style wheels.

 To give the car big-screen performance, it was treated to a 351/400HP Ford crate engine, which shares room under the modified hood with a front subframe body brace by Total Control Products.

In 2013, the “Hero Car” sold for a whopping $1.06 m at the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis In.


Instead of buying it for $1.06 million dollars,  you can for a limited time own this beautifully

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Offered at only 84.95 this museum grade velvet fine art print measures 13x19, has a thickness of

19 mil and has a g/m weight of 260!

This exceptional print is ideal for framing and comes numbered and hand signed by Alfred Newbury.

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Mustang GT500 Eleanor

  • Printed on Museum Grade Velvet Fine Art Paper.

    260 g/m

    Size: 13" x 19"

    Signed by Alfred Newbury.

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