1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6  art print | Alfred Newbury

1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6


The Carrera 6 replaced the 904, but it also marked the beginning of a new age.

Porsche had essentially maintained its iron grip on the sub-two-liter GT class with the 904.

Why the move when there was still room for improvement?


Several causes were discovered.With the fresh, dangerously fast V-6 Dino, Ferrari threatened to break the hold. Second, a return to tubular space frame technology was ideal because fixing the 904's chassis/body was a pain, and the old bonding method had caused wild variations in chassis rigidity as a result of use. Third, the necessity to construct a street/race car, which had dictated the box section frame nature of the 904, no longer applied.


For 1966, GT regulations mandated a 50-unit production limit, which Porsche's marketing team believed could be met with purpose-built race cars. Enter another of Dr. Porsche's grandsons, 28-year-old Ferdinand Piëch, the current head of Porsche R&D, was perhaps more important.


He was clearly not going to accept his predecessor's plan, both because it wasn't the right option and because he was a fresh broom. The flat-six engine in the new Carrera, which was derived from the production 911 and was originally intended for the 904, would now fuel a slew of racing Porsche's.

The architecture of the Carrera 6 was based on the 904 pattern.The 906's slippery new form was constructed in the wind tunnel, unlike its predecessor.


The style has been described as "beautiful" by some and "bizarre" by others. Despite this, everyone hailed the Carrera 6 as a triumph after its debut at Daytona in early 1966. It took sixth place overall and first place in the two-liter prototype class.


Seven weeks later, at Sebring, Ferrari's new Dino faced off for the first time. The Carrera 6 came out on top. Such a finding is not unusual, according to history.


The Dino was faster, but the Carrera 6 was tougher. More specifically, with the introduction of the Carrera 6, Piëch ushered in a time of unprecedented development at Porsche, producing at least seven new cars and several new engines in just five years.


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1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 art print | Alfred Newbury

  • Printed on Museum Grade Velvet Fine Art Paper.

    260 g/m

    Size: 13" x 19"

    Signed by Alfred Newbury.

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