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Where was the first Porsche built?
How many Porsche 901's where built?
In June 1934 Ferdinand Porsche got a  contract from Adolf Hitler to design a  peoples car. What was the name of this car?
To date  Porsche 911's have only been manufactured at this German location?
Why did Porsche change the Porsche 901  to the Porsche 911?
What was the chassis # for the first  vehicle to bear the Porsche name?
When and where was the first Porsche  club formed?
For two years all Porsche 356's where  built in this unusual location?
In 1988 Porsche halted production on the  959. Porsche however had enough spare  parts to restart production in 1992 for a  limited number of examples. How many  1992 are believed to have been  manufactured?
How many Porsche 356's where  manufactured over the course of 15 years?
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