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Obviously, it's natural to be skeptical about anything you buy on the internet. I've bought coloring books before and some of them ended up being quite terrible, designed for someone who is easily pleased, which does not describe me. By God's Grace, I saw an ad, or was told about Porsche Coloring from a friend in the Porsche Car Club not sure which. But in any case, I visited the site read the details and saw some of the examples, and knew right away that Porsche Coloring was something I was going to get into. I really felt that the guys at Newbury were dialed into the Porsche culture and the mindset of the people that are into these amazing cars. I also reasoned that it could quite possibly help me achieve a personal goal to start cutting back on how much of my off time I have been spending on the Internet.  So, I took a leap of faith and decided to purchase the two volumes they were offering. I can say that I regret only a few things in my life, and buying Porsche Coloring was definitely NOT something I regret. My life changed plain and simple. When I get bombed with emails  and  texts and sense myself mentally spinning in circles, I pick up a book, some pencils and get to drawing. After just a few minutes I can feel that my head starts to clear, I start to relax and can make well-balanced decisions again. I call it my tech break. My hat is off to  the level of commitment Alfred and the team put into responding to the community of members., very rare in this day and age.  Long story short, either get the books for yourself or your friends.. It will make you feel good either way.


--- Franz Tierry, Home Improvements

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The Illustrations in Porsche Coloring are so good that I initially thought "Oh No" I can't possibly color these, but once you get started, it's surprising how it helps you raise your artistic game to the next level.


--- Samantha Kornmehl, Consultant

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What a breath of fresh air...these are the best Porsche coloring books I have come across. If you color, buy these books. Very enjoyable.


--- Chris S, Lighting, Software Engineer

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Packed with cool Porsche cars. The details are very good, and some of the pictures give you enough space to add anything you want into the background, like a dinosaur? :-)


--- Stanley Meredith, Dad

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