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Is there a Porsche Fan In the world that deserves this Porsche Print more than you?

Look again at this picture.

This is the Porsche 959. A car that is considered the unicorn that no Porsche enthusiast can resist, and the meanest 911 ever.

Conceived and built as a world rally championship group B race, this masterpiece of  1980’s technology was teased by the 1983 Porsche Gruppe B concept car shown that year in the Frankfurt Auto Show. Not withstanding the use of the existing 911 platform and basic body, the concept was equipped with technologies that more than 33 years ago was regarded as automotive science fiction. Things like adjustable height and variable all-wheel drive controlled by a computer.

Powered by a 2.8 liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine that could generate 444 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque.

Power was delivered to all four wheels through a special manual transmission with five forward speeds plus an extra all terrain gear and of course, a reverse gear.

With an official top speed of 197 miles per hour (317 Km/h) the Porsche 959 was the fastest street legal car in the world when it arrived, excluding the US.

Just 294 street legal 959s were produced, and all of them sell for huge dollars.

As it turns out, there was one for sale on Dupont Registry awhile back for $1.3 million dollars with only 3,500 miles on the odometer.


Instead of buying it for $1.3 million dollars,  you can for a limited time own this beautifully

illustrated print for next to nothing by comparison.


Offering you "Unicorn" for only 84.95, this museum grade velvet fine art print measures 13x19, has a thickness of 19 mil and has a g/m weight of 260!

This exceptional print is ideal for framing and comes numbered and hand signed by Alfred Newbury.

Why not add to your collection today with "Unicorn" the second release of this Exclusive series

and give yourself the thrill and triumph you know this masterpiece will give you every time you look at it?


Why not? Why not you?


Here is what you get:

  • Museum grade velvet fine art paper - Think heirloom quality. If you take care of it, it should last forever.

  • Print measures 13x19 (inches) - Just the right size to see the image across the room, and make you look really important.

  • Has a thickness of 19 mil and has a g/m weight of 260 - Think about the most expensive paper out there. It looks and feels rich.

  • Amazing Car - You will love looking at "Le Mans" everyday, it makes you feel like you can handle anything.

  • Shipped in tank tough rigid flat packaging - Print arrives in great condition.

  • Ready for framing - Your saving money on framing and shipping here, by having the choice to pick out the perfect frame yourself. You know exactly how to make this piece even more amazing.

  • Simple and Powerful Composition between the car and the background - Can actually be hung in your home, not just the cave or the garage.

  • Printed using Archival inks that will not fade. - This image is designed to stay vibrant, If you take care of it (choosing right frame and UV protected glass)

  • A sense of pride - You now own a piece that reflects Porsche's legendary history.

  • A sense of triumph - You now own something that only a few Porsche fans will have.

  • It's Signed and numbered - Think resale, that's if you can get yourself to part with it after seeing how cool it looks on your wall.


Our guarantee:

If you are not 100% happy with this print, we will give you double your money back and you get to keep the print.


A nice note from Charles.

Hi Al, the print exceeded my expectations, and I want to get it professionally framed.

Because of the high quality of the piece, I dismissed the idea of framing it “DYI,” ...or using a big box stock frame.


I will likely be ordering other products offered by your outfit.




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