New Break Away Coloring Series

Think Bigger, More Detail, More Fun...

Now you can individually color your favorite cars from the world of Motorsport's past, present and future using coloring pencils, paint, water colors, pastels,and even pen and ink.

Sized at 13in x19in they will be perfect for framing after you have completed your project.

















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"Newbury Press creates some really cool and fun coloring books, but I am really am knocked out about their new Break Away product line, it allows me to color on either canvas, watercolor paper or cardstock.

Excellent!"  - Roger Helm Ferrari owner


"I love to dabble in paint and water color so for me this is perfect. Just big enough for me to finish in a weekend and with the selection they have I don't think I will be running out of projects anytime soon."


 -Sharon Weingarten  Porsche owner


I really loved Porsche Coloring, during Covid it literally helped save my sanity. Between kids, work and sheltering at home it got pretty intense. We don't know how important it is to get back to basics until a situation like Covid happens. Now I can use my pastels or paint. Brilliant!


 -Trevor Metz III. Lamborghini Owner

A nice note from Bob Silverstein



I just want to let you know that the new book arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you. I also want to tell you that as much as I like the quality of the product, I am even more impressed with your commitment to customer satisfaction. It is rare to find a company that responds as quickly as you did to assure that your customer has a positive experience. I wish for you nothing more than continued success and please keep me posted on any new products you introduce.


Thanks again and stay well.

Bob Silverstein

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