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"1951 Porsche 356SL Gmünd "


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Look again at this picture. This is the fabled 1951 Porsche 356SL Gmünd,

a car that exists in the land of the superlative and is universally revered.

Now what would make a Porsche driver and collectors drool over a Porsche like this?


Let's find out.

During WWII, Porsche moved its factories from Stuttgart, which had been heavily bombed, to Gmünd, Austria.

Ferry Porsche designed project 356 (the number came from the design series that began when Porsche opened his independent design studio in Stuttgart in 1931) and the Gmünd coupes were hand-hammered out of sheet aluminum over wooden bucks under the watchful eye of his father, Ferdinand.

In 1949, about fifty 356 Gmünd coupes were made. After the factory returned to Germany in 1950, eleven remaining Gmünd chassis were assembled and converted to SL (Sport Leicht) racing specification.

They received 1,086-cc engines, expanded fuel tanks, louvered quarter-window covers, tire spats, sleek aluminum belly fairings, and a pedestal-mounted shifter after being renumbered as 356/2 3000 series vehicles.

In 1951, three Type 356/2 cars competed at Le Mans; two crashed, and the other ran flawlessly and won the 1,100-cc class. The winning car, competed in the 2,932-mile Liège-Rome-Liège Rally in 1951. It finished third overall and first in its class, thanks to an experimental 1,488-cc engine.

Following that, it set eleven world speed and endurance records on the Montlhéry circuit near Paris, averaging 94.66 mph for 72 hours – an incredible feat considering gearbox problems left it in third gear late in the race.

This car was then hurried into Paris, bug- and oil-streaked, for display at the International Auto Show. Try doing that today :-)

Many SLs exported to the United States in late 1951, where they were sold to private owners and extensively raced.

Instead of buying a 1951 Porsche 356SL for the astronomical asking price typical for a car like this,  you can now for a limited time own this beautifully illustrated Porsche art print for next to nothing by comparison.


Offered at only 84.95 this museum grade velvet fine art print measures 13x19, has a thickness of

19 mil and has a g/m weight of 260!

This exceptional Porsche art print is ideal for framing and comes numbered and hand signed by Alfred Newbury.

Why not begin or add to your Porsche art collection today with the "1951 Porsche 356SL Gmünd" while it is still available, and give yourself the thrill and triumph you know this masterpiece will give you every time you look at it?


Why not? Why not you?


Here is what you get:

  • Museum grade velvet fine art paper or flat canvas - Think heirloom quality. If you take care of it, it should last forever.

  • Print measures 13x19 (inches) - Just the right size to see the image across the room, and make you look really important.

  • Has a thickness of 19 mil and has a g/m weight of 260 - Think about the most expensive paper out there. It looks and feels rich.

  • Amazing Car - You will love looking at this Porsche print everyday, it makes you feel like you can handle anything.

  • Shipped in tank tough rigid flat packaging - Print arrives in great condition.

  • Ready for framing - Your saving money on framing and shipping here, by having the choice to pick out the perfect frame yourself. You know exactly how to make this piece even more amazing.

  • Simple and Powerful Composition between the car and the background - Can actually be hung in your home, not just the cave or designated as Porsche garage art.

  • Printed using Archival inks that will not fade. - This image is designed to stay vibrant, If you take care of it (choosing right frame and UV protected glass)

  • A sense of pride - You now own a piece that reflects Porsche's legendary history.

  • A sense of triumph - You now own something that only a few Porsche fans will have.

  • It's Signed and numbered - Think resale, that's if you can get yourself to part with it after seeing how cool it looks on your wall.


Our guarantee:

If you are not 100% happy with this print, we will give you double your money back and you get to keep the print.

A few nice reviews from some of our valued clients.

Simon S. Naples Florida.  Porsche 718 owner.

Newbury Press is GREAT! Ease of ordering, the speedy order confirmations, prompt tracking info provided, to even the packaging of their products. It’s top notch and it’s evident this company does not cut corners. Highly recommended!


Marc. Denver Co Porsche 992 owner

This is a good company, they have been quick in delivery and honest in what they have advertised. I am well pleased with them and will do business with them again. Very Happy. Thanks


Michael R. Greenwich Conn. Porsche 356 owner.

I am a beginning art collector and I am well pleased with Newbury Press. They have been professional and patient, helping me through the ordering process. They did everything just as they said . The order even arrived a few days early. I have another order on the way and I have no worries that the process will have any problems. The order I received was made to be signed for and I truly believe that they have good security measures to make sure there are no snafus. And equally important, my product was in very good shape. Overall I would recommend this company to anyone looking to buy Porsche art. I can't wait to get my next package because I truly believe that I will be just as pleased.. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future. I would say they deserve an A+ rating.


Robert T J.  Los Altos Hills, Ca  Porsche GT3 owner

Newbury Press has been one of the most impressive companies I have ever worked with. I have transacted multi million dollar collectibles and have received worse support, than the few thousand dollars I have spent with Newbury.  This is a true rarity in today’s business world. Big or small purchases it doesn't matter Newbury Press, Alfred in particular is great to work with.

Teresa M. Bern Switzerland Porsche 911 Carrera 4S owner

The Porsche print I received is very beautiful! I could not be more pleased & thrilled! I would very highly recommend Newbury Press to anyone & everyone. They are a fine, honest & reputable company for anyone seeking to add to their Porsche art collection.


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The service is above and beyond, and the products are to die for. Dealing with Alfred and his team is always a pleasant experience, it's hassle free and quite entertaining, if you happen to speak with him on the phone.

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